Beware of the Year 7000

March 2016


Directed by Janice Mauro and Joanne Pagano Weber, the film Beware of the Year 7000 ties together a trilogy of collaborative installations: The Man from Brancheville, The Tidal Decade, and Beware of the Year 7000.


The Man from Brancheville is an archeological exhibit of the excavated remains of a ruling Corporate Elite class robot that had been created from the “flotsam and jetsam of our planet’s flooded civilizations” of 2040, the time of the legendary Tidal Decade and was exhibited at Art 101 in Williamsburg, Brooklyn in 2006.

The Tidal Decade shows the art of the survivors of the catastrophic flooding period. The work was presented as the art collection of a defender of sacred sites who proved the existence of the Tidal Decade and held it up to her own generation in 8950 as a warning of the dangers of wanton overdevelopment. This was shown as two simultaneous installations at the Silvermine Guild in New Canaan, CT, and at Art 101 in 2009.

Beware of the Year 7000 shows the fossilized remains of the resurgent Corporate Elites and the art and letters of two artists who created in hiding and corresponded through the “encrypocon,” which revealed their tale of oppression to later generations.


If corporations are people, too, what if they lose their humanity? It’s the second melting of the polar icecap. The power of the few dictate the blueprint of a resurgent planet depleted once again. All resources are up for grabs as the human race divides along biological / robotic fault lines. While multitudes transition becoming semi-human mechanisms under the control of an artificial brain, two artists continue their work in hiding, corresponding by the only thing they have left – their creativity. Art lovers, thinkers, prophets, or gamers, look no further.

The meaning of sculptures of an evolving robotic race is revealed through a series of letters by two fictional artists, along with their paintings. The correspondence, which thematically explores the human condition circa the year 7000 is a lifeline for the artists, who describe a horrific period of future history where humanity repeats its tragic exploitation of the living planet. The content of the sculpture and the painting in this film is nothing less than the loss of the human soul and the fight to preserve it.

If you dare to see what the future holds…


Our project is a series of related installations with several purposes. We satirize the educated world and implicate ourselves by presenting each installation as a different type of exhibit. We critique the effects of our human actions upon our planet and upon our souls by creating artifacts of refuse, “the only material that is left.” We bring humor to a dark issue through the absurdity of the materials that we use to create the works, and through parody in our included texts and “museum labels.

As collaborators, we are presenting an environment with which we want viewers to become involved, feel the moment, and reflect. The psychic resonance for viewers seeing their own, and their ancestors’ history in this work, and the drive toward the spirit, which we, as a race, must continue to survive, is what ties this work together. We believe in veiling these serious motivations with humor, admitting our part in the evils we warn of and fear.

– Janice Mauro and Joanne Pagano Weber


Janice Mauro and Joanne Pagano Weber have different motivations for creating work: Janice has always believed in creating art which provides a path toward a spirituality so often lacking in today’s world. Joanne feels that the psychological component of art is a never-ending horizon to discover.

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  1. Louise Washer says:

    Love this. Thank you for posting. It’s beautiful, timely, important and, best of all, entertaining.