L i n k s   t o   A r t i c l e s

February 2018

Joelle Léandre: Being with Sound –  Daniel Barbiero
Cézanne: Mistral of Aix-en-Province, Part Two – Yuko Otomo
Freedom is a Work in Progress: reading, listening, writing  – Jim Leftwich
Sea Voyages Within A Precious Stone: Field Notes
 – Catherine Henke & Randee Silv


January 2018

Cézanne: Mistral of Aix-en-Provence, Part One – Yuko Otomo
Isolated Depiction of the Passage of Time with The Window and The Universal Frame of ReferenceKathleen Reichelt
Ted Joans: Jazz Was His Religion – Olivier Ledure
Je M’enfoutisme – Jim Leftwich 
A Dream is a Dream Never Lost: paintings & writing of David Smith – Arteidolia 
… That Point at Which…
– Daniel Barbiero


December 2017

Xpanded ronin phasing – Ayoub Diouri
Field Notes
on Raku & Cork – Catherine Henke & Randee Silv

The Final VISION –
the cathedrals of France for RODIN – Steve Dalachinsky

Another world is possible, another world in present – Jim Leftwich
Practicing Improvisation
, Book Review – Daniel Barbiero

Pursuing the Unpredictable: The New Museum 1977-2017 – Ron Morosan
Corn Card- foundanagram poems for Cornelius Cardew – Gary May
A Call. A Response.  A call – Tania David & Randee Silv


November 2017

Conversation w/o Words – Tania David & Randee Silv
Tehching Hsieh
– Jim Leftwich

The World and Its Double
– Daniel Barbiero
Visual Barometers – Randee Silv
Giving Voice to Colors
– Luca Arena

Do You Know Suzy Lake?
– Kathleen Reichelt


October 2017

Notes on Airports – Daniel Barbiero
Pure Psychic Chance Radio – Jim Leftwich
Dialoguing Between – Tania David & Randee Silv
Interview with Bill Barrell: Figurative Expressionist – Ron Morosan
More Than Seven Steps: Nick Cave at MassMoCA – Lyn Horton
Round 1: For Mathew Shipp – Jerry Orter
Cracked Reality: In Between Ordinary Scenes – Azusa Yoneta & Otoha Takenami


September 2017

Looking again at Giacometti – Daniel Barbiero
Diaristic Report: Decide Today w/Neural Necrosis, Tater Fraterabo &
PNA Hosted by Star City Shadow School & Art Rat Studios
– Jim Leftwich

The Glass Eye (Carol Rama) – Steve Dalachinsky
Local Stories: Neal Cassady in San Miguel de Allende – Randee Silv
Perpetual Ripplets: Mondrian 1872-1944 Part 2 – Yuko Otomo
A Poetry Of Lossy Media
 – Thomas Park


July 2017

What we Saw in July – Tania David & Randee Silv
Paradise Regained (Duane Michals) – Jim Leftwich
A Machine Music Manifesto – Thomas Park
A Profile on Nix, ​Negative C​apability, and Negative Capability – Raymond Bally
Mural: Interview with Portuguese artist dAM – Arteidolia


June 2017

Similarities & Diffs – Tania David & Randee Silv
Perpetual Ripplets: Piet Mondrian 1872-1944 – Yuko Otomo
Ira Cohen, Psychedelic Jester
– Valery Oisteanu

The Enigma of the Hour (de Chirico) – Daniel Barbiero
Eruption of the Text in the Turbulent Sign (Henry Darger) – Carl Watson
The Writings of Bern Nix – Arteidolia
…Found at the Moment in Magdalo Mussio – Jim Leftwich


May 2017

Perpetual Ripplets: Mondrian 1917 – Yuko Otomo
Sticks & Stones in the Time of Objects (Brian Olewnick) – Daniel Barbiero
Virtual Reality – Steve Dalachinsky
Stan Brakhage, Eye Myth – Jim Leftwich
Counter-Responses – Tania David & Randee Silv
Marcel Duchamp, Fountain: An Homage – Ron Morosan
The Facts of Fiction ( Jacques Ranciere) – Steve Dalachinsky
bill bissett, an artist living in Canada – Kathleen Reichelt


April 2017

Encountering Henry Darger – Carl Watson
The Art of Collaboration: Susan Bee – Steve Dalachinsky
Free Improvisation & How It Means – Daniel Barbiero
A Living Art: On Courbet – Jacquelyn Gleisner
Picabia at MoMA: Watch out for Painting – Steve Dalachinsky
Still Neglected: Alice Neel – Randee Silv
Perpetual Ripplets: On Howard Hodgkin –
Yuko Otom
A Measure of Off Language: Martino Oberto – Jim Leftwich


March 2017

Interviews: Martha Edleheit & Jay Milder – Ron Morosan
Atopia: Soundings from Non-places – Daniel Barbeiro
indenting downtown – Steve Dalachinsky
Responding to a Call – Tania David & Randee Silv
Segers’ Mysterious Landscapes – Christine Hughes
A Tribute to Ted Joans – Yuko Otomo
Picabia: “I am a Dada Monster” – Ron Morosan


February 2017

Word. Words. Wording. – Tania David & Randee Silv
de chirico
– Steve Dalachinsky

Heat into Light,
Robert Mosse at Shainman Gallery – Amy Pratt
Hardly Seen
 – Tania David & Randee Silv
Inventing Downtown: Artist-Run Galleries in NYC 1952-65 – Ron Morosan
Gestures on Paper and in Space – Daniel Barbiero
New Industrial Music
– Thomas Park


January 2017

esporos/spores: Interview with Catherine Henke – Randee Silv
Where Are All The Great Grandmothers of Photography? – Carrie Crow
In Walks: Anslem Kiefer – Christine Hughes
Do you Want to Look at a Picture of the Thing you are Looking at? –  Jerry Orter
the re(a)lative BRIGHTNESS of GREY – Steve Dalachinsky
Where Musicians Decide the Criteria – patrick brennan
Perpetual Ripplets: On Cubism – Yuko Otomo
Improvisation: Experience: Self-Disclosure – Daniel Barbiero


December 2016

Simone Leigh’s Waiting Room – Erin Sweeny
Oysters of the Id: Experiencing Collage – Bradley Eros
Microscopic Attention: An Artslab – Randee Silv
Mastry: Kerry James Marshall – patrick brennan
Who Sees Whom? – Tania David & Randee Silv
Red Bird – Dark River: Agnes Martin/John Zorn – Steve Dalachinsky
Visual Kerouac – John Greiner
The Ironist as Nihilist: Francis Picabia – Daniel Barbiero
Max Beckmann Poems
– Yuko Otomo

The Underside of the Leaf – Arteidolia


November 2016

Interview with Bruce Gagnier – Christine Hughes & Donald Vega
Perpetual Ripplets: Henri Michaux
– Yuko Otomo
Continuing: A Call & Response – Tania David & Randee Silv
Not Necessarily Battered: Reflections on Eritrean Children’s Photographs
Abraham T. Zere & Yonatan Tewelde
Contrapposto Studies: Bruce Nauman – Steve Dalachinksy
From the Fire to the Eagle: A Bird’s Algebra in Desert Time – Nancy Zendora 
All Dressed Up and Everywhere to Go (Miriam Bloom @John Davis)Deborah  Garfinkle
ASARO/OAXACA (Bellas Artes, San Miguel de Allende, Mexico) – Tania David


October 2016

Perpetual Ripplets: Stuart Davis – Yuko Otomo
Dominoes (Danny Lyons) – Steve Dalachinksy
Beyond Mystery & Mystique – Daniel Barbiero
Looking For.  Looking At. 
– Tania David & Randee Silv
Lovers: Teiji Furuhashi – Steve Dalachinksy
Why am I still thinking about…  – Randee Silv


September 2016

Connie Crothers! Connie Crothers!  Connie Crothers! – Andrew Drury
Culturally Capturing the Counter-Culture (Centre Pompidou) – John Gleisner
The Line as Anti-Ideal (Fred Sandback at Glenstone Gallery) – Daniel Barbiero
The Resonant Song of Ellen Rand – Bruce Weber, Randall Harris, Christine Hughes
Anonymous Landscape
( For Connie Crothers) – Yuko Otomo
The Sol LeWitt Principle (MASS MoCA) – Lyn Horton
The Laboratory of a New Education – Steve Dalachinsky


August 2016

One Wall, One Work:  Walid Raad – Mira Dayal
Dialoguing No. 5 – Tania David & Randee Silv


July 2016

Tonal Variations, Alison Weld – Ron Morosan
Wilderness, Brian Brooks, The Kitchen – Mira Dayal 


June 2016

When We Talk About Women Photographers – Carrie Crow
Series No. 4 – Tania David & Randee Silv
Life Itself.  Living in Eritrea – Yonatan Tewelde
Tale of Censorship and Control – Abraham T. Zere
Reset (Jason Moran @ Luhring Augustine) –  Patrick Brennan & Randee Silv 
Perpetual Ripplets: On David Hammons – Yuko Otomo
Not at The Public – Randee Silv
Calling out to Others – Daniel Barbiero
To be the Painting & the Painter (poems of Alice Neel) – Arteidolia


May 2016

Cross Ricochet – Tania David & Randee Silv
Ten Thousand Hours
– Jerry Orter

Segments & Skylights – Randee Silv
In the Meantime: A Playroom of My Own #11 (Autumn in Europe Part 3) – Yuko Otomo
Human Interest: (Portraits from the Whitney’s Collection)
– Mira Dayal

Women Were Photography Pioneers Too, Part 2 – Carrie Crow
Idiot’s Tale: a Chronicle of Nonevents
– Bern Nix

Dog Days of August – Regina La Barra
tailored tanakacity – Steve Dalachinsky


April 2016

Of Long Tones & Zips – Daniel Barbiero
Botswana’s Dust – Jacquelyn Gleisner
One Afar to Another – Tania David & Randee Silv
Sukutaro Hagiwara & His Iceland – 5 Poems – Ivan Klein
Interview with Ellen E. Rand – Christine Hughes
, Interview with Catherine Henke – Randee Silv

Women Were Photography Pioneers Too – Carrie Crow


March 2016

Poets are targeted because… – Abraham T. Zere
Dancing with the Hands – Daniel Barbiero
Eritrean Music in Exile – Abraham T. Zere
Kerouac & Haiku – Yuko Otomo
Why Jail A Poet? (Mohammed Al-Ajami) – Randee Silv
In The Meantime: A Playroom of My Own #10 (Autumn in Europe Part 2)  – Yuko Otomo
Foundations (Morandi @ CIMA)- Steve Dalachinsky
Beware of the Year 7000, Janice Mauro & Joanne Pagano Weber’s film – Arteidolia
Leave Nothing Out, Thomas Chapin, Night Bird Song- patrick brennan

February 2016

Doors part. Enter. Door close. ( Glenn Cox) – E. Merwin
Here to There/There to Here – Tania David & Randee Silv
Inverted Birth (Bill Viola) – Steve Dalachinsky
In The Meantime: A Playroom of My Own #9 (Autumn in Europe)– Yuko Otomo
Poems from Instructions Within (Ashraf Fayadh) – Randee Silv
Revenge! – patrick brennan

January 2016

Abstract Preferences – Anthony Pinata
Improvisation: Experience: Self-Disclosure – Daniel Barbiero
(by exchange) Pollock @ MoMA – Mira Dayal
The Daily Racing Form, Stella @ Whitney – Steve Dalachinsky
The Evil of Banality – Jerry Orter
Isolated Pleasure Distortion – Randee Silv

December 2015

.. Sing House ..Amygdala – patrick brennan
Physical Counterpoint – Daniel Barbiero
The Revolution Will Be Painted – Anne Sherwood Pundyk

November 2015

Morandi at CIMA – Christine Hughes
Lines for Agnes – Terry Greene
Artist in Exile/Art as a Home – Mira Dayal

October 2015

Inventing Double Looks – Randee Silv
Perpetual Ripplets: Seurat: A Great Unknown Painter – Yuko Otomo
A Few Things One Could or Did Contemplate , Venice Biennale – Tania David
Costume en Face – Steve Dalachinsky & Yuko Otomo

September 2015

Slouching Towards Harmotopia – Bern Nix
Remembering Ronnie Burk Todd Swindell
Graphic Scores & Musical Post-Literacy – Daniel Barbiero
Hilma af Klint: Spiritualism & Aesthetics – Altoon Sultan

June 2015

Let’s Get TEDucated! Tribute to Ted Joans – Yuko Otomo
Fracking Meet Whitney/Spectra Meet Con Ed – Randee Silv
David Crowell: Polyrhythm Calling – patrick brennan
From Basil King’s 77 Beasts – Arteidolia
Battleships: Richard Serra Viewing – Sparrow

May 2015

The more you know the more you see – Jerry Orter
Tangled Eloquent: Christopher Wool – patrick brennan
Judith Malina (1926-2015) – Poems selected by Ruth Oistenau & Romy Ashby
The Visionary Art of Pablo Amaringo – Tola Brennan

April 2015

Iron Claw of Memory – Bern Nix
Body as Itself : Joan Semmel – patrick brennan
The Fractured Egg: Panel 61 – Steve Dalachinsky
Basil King: Mirage – patrick brennan

March 2015

Silence is Not Enough – Yuko Otomo
Open Chapter: African Omnidevelopment Space Complex / We New – Ubadiah Bey McConner Ra’maatubadahhotep

February 2015

Three Correlations: OUT&/or IN (on Outsider Art) – Y.Otomo, C. Hughes, R. Silv
Macho Meal Breakfast of Champions: Film Review on Whiplash – patrick brennan

January 2015

E Pluribus Plures: El Anatsuipatrick brennan
Unraveling Vivian Maier Donald Martineau-Vega
The Fractured Egg #4Steve Dalachinsky

December 2014

In the Meantime: A Playroom of My Own, Paris & Paris, Again,#5,#6,#7,#8
Yuko Otomo

Rethreadings – Randee Silv
Verdes Carne, Pelo Negro . . .  (Carlos Saura’s Flamenco, Flamenco) — patrick brennan
In the Mix: Thank You For Your Reply – Dan Joseph 

 November 2014

Oijen, Wybe, Dele, Tomma Abts – patrick brennan
Interview with Joseph Thompson (MASS MoCA) – Christine Hughes
The Fractured Egg #3 – Steve Dalachinsky

October 2014

Perpetual Ripplets: On Futurism – Yuko Otomo
Specular Reflection: Incidence is equal to Reflection – Jerry Orter
Post-Game Commentary: Park Slope Pastoral – Basil King
Answerless  (MX City) – Randee Silv

September 2014

Dialogue (as a verb), with Alley Culture founder Sherry Hendrick – Christine Hughes
Weiwei & Chicago (Brooklyn Museum) – Tola Brennan

August 2014

Lygia Clark: The Abandoment of Art (MoMA) – Tola Brennan

July 2014

In the Meantime: A Playroom of My Own #4, Public Art  – Yuko Otomo

June 2014

Variations on Thirst – Randee Silv

May 2014

In Walks: Considering Kiefer (Mass MoCA) Christine Hughes
Through Most of It Randee Silv
In the Meantime: A Playroom of My Own, Shoku-Sho, Dialogue, Roses & Peonies
Yuko Otomo

Time Outside: The Music of the Temporalists – patrick brennan
A Conversation with Chris Teerink (on his film Sol LeWitt) – Jerry Orter

April 2014

Perpetual Ripplets: On Cubism  – Yuko Otomo
Bubble as Metaphor – Jerry Orter
Traces (conversation with Swiss-Portuguese painter Catherine Henke) – Randee Silv
The Fractured Egg #2 – Steve Dalachinsky
Hands in Transit: (the music of Connie Crothers) – patrick brennan
104 Delancey – Arteidolia

March 2014

Three Correlations: WB2014 –  Otomo, Hughes, Silv
The Invitational (American Academy of Arts & Letters) – Christine Hughes
Volta at Mercer – patrick brennan
Tone (Jennie C. Jones) – patrick brennan

February 2014

Sei Shonagon – Yuko Otomo
Three Correlations: Jess & Duncan, (Grey Art Gallery) –  Y. Otomo, C. Hughes, R. Silv
What We Eat (For Ferran Adrià) – Yuko Otomo
Pediments: Ridgewood – Randee Silv
The Way of Butch Morris – patrick brennan
Migration of the Dot: Red –  Randee Silv
Perpetual Ripplets: On Malevich – Yuko Otomo
The Fractured Egg – Steve Dalachinsky
Curating My Refrigerator – Sparrow
Lester Afflick, I Dream of You Baby (Film of Book Reading) – Eser Atilla Gonzalez
Repetitions, (van Gogh, Phillips Collection, Washington, D.C,) – Kurt Novak
Material Poet (Richard Tuttle) – patrick brennan

January 2014

Perpetual Ripplets: On Reinhardt – Yuko Otomo
In Walks: John Davis Gallery – Christine Hughes
Deep Folk (Patrick Earle Barnes) – Randee Silv
Vega: A Moment in Time – Jerry Orter
Vivan Los Independientes: Ze Couch Cooks your Ear a Good Meal – patrick brennan
The Most Human Sensitive Electronic Instrument – patrick brennan
Do you Want to  Look at a Picture of the Thing we are Looking at? – Jerry Orter

December 2013

Walking the Serra Torque – patrick brennan
Interrupting Siqueiros: San Miguel & LA – Randee Silv
Magnifying Fakes, Kligman,  Kahlo Replicas, Rosales/Knoedler – Randee Silv