Furuhashi’s Lovers

Steve Dalachinsky
October 2016


LOVERS: Teiji Furuhashi

emerge  \  nc(i)es

trans / ome  /  form /  a/  tive

transient &

embracing   {but never meeting}

qualities of gender

cruci   fiction   / ephemerality of

physical    /    emotional  /          back  wards

pace  /   longing   /   re- (e) merging  / disappearance

gesture      \   within         & beyond the margins

(in)tangible  touch                              love   mired / ridge

becoming    separation

heart                      field

fatagaga          &                              fatigue

person       artist      ghost

emptying into time

without gravity  /

black space at the edges of death

riding the escalator

on a humid afternoon

–  fading melody of the flesh





Teiji Furuhashi: Lovers at MoMA
Images courtesy of Arteidolia

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