indenting downtown

Steve Dalachinsky
March 2017

section from The Funeral of Jan Müller, 1958, Bob Thompson

indenting downtown –
the fragmenting & reconstructing of
a conversation with red grooms, robert whitman & others
@ the skirball center  2/17   

section from Lie Down on the Bunk, 1958, Red Grooms

We drove the insurance man crazy 10 Ringling Brothers sun Gallery Windows side painting grooms red re-shelving Oldenburg thinks the show was too much about the people and not enough about the art Delancey St. Gallery waterproof not waterproof sailors harassing grooms paper bags representing anonymity jay milder bob Thompson big pot of Delancey St. Museum how much is collage True free as sure rents cheap tho few of the galleries lasted very long card players came shut the show member dine programmatic it was above an Italian social club Thompson told to sit down( took the show down as fast as possible) so we can get the next show started flew downstairs on Delancey Street shoot the moon Rudy Burkhardt in essence making a film meant there was more thinking to it push camera 1 or 2 times titillation interchangeable flames fat feet picto-sculpto-ramas installation architectural scale so that people can interact vertical stretching (LYSIANELUANG)    CIRCUS – both five-year-olds we were when we became addicted to the idea I’m Making something something that moves something  like EMMET Kelly  like being clown sad clown as he tries to sweep up the spotlight then finally sweeps it under the rug lights go out member of the wedding pool focus up high Poor folks up high kids fall asleep and ooze feet on shoulders what is more important I like to get back to mess when I can to get intimate with the audience everyone wears suits and ties no good ever decreed that every body Hunter see everything any she did it would be impossible toenails type writer paper tonsils tunnels movie screen Whitman planning kills the great leap not caring about audience performance performance relieve trap really sure one audience member above the Italian social club the gamblers planning kills with much without much planning what do you mean overcomplicated started thinking Oldenburg had a brain he thought things out things got overcomplicated and have to give up Photos my baby carriage looking Down with out much planning again without much planning Ruben Gallery the first time you do something you establish a vocabulary then you keep repeating that vocabulary over and over again you pretend that you can change things by making a different boat each time even though you’re constantly sailing around the same river it Drove me insane drove say it drove me insane audience minds in your head to look at event the whole piece adds up to an image looking at pictures of happenings and not knowing what’s happening you don’t have to think about it once I stopped thinking I got it it becomes too much about the people and not enough about the work itself flickering light illuminated audience /  audience then became the film audience sat inside the mouth everyone working for no money astounding generosity of your friends you hear about the space and there was it was everything you ever want popped up you could find the landlord after I’m hundred space years yours you can do what you want the top you could dance we could dance became a damsel one night we open the nightclub we called it orchid land I think it was Easton or Allentown you want theater I’ll give you fucking theater American moon my mind doesn’t work in a polite way but yes performance should be repeated the value of things falling apart decay thing should not happen more than once Notes for future reenactments incredible free ice free orchids free the police come no permission keep camera running when you work on the cheap flower shower window reverse what’s her name in the ciders or was it cinders possibly elders and the value of things falling apart free ice free flowers incredible in the value of things falling apart being repeated it should not happen more than once value of things falling apart Notes for future reenactments decay decay decay dkdk dk …….

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