tailored tanakacity

Steve Dalachinsky
May 2016


every day there’s something aquake
old lifelong beasts that reside in the changing environment
you wake up & it’s song /
to know one’s place & when to abandon it
to write about this internal revolution’sssssss
……rrrrrrrrrr’s as tendons expel their pious poisons

“if the musician is true the form takes care of itself”
he said baby said rrrrrrrrrrrrrr’s
my own trouble’s been with the basic chord
he said baby said the blue & sunset said
these plying languages reaching toward the pinnacles
OF……….(g)rasped & pedestaled undisturbed but shaken
said he saidbaby said he said IMALA the blue dot of fevers
cooled out in secondary moments & rumbles
aramble in the jangle of the twisting limbs
so easy how the flesh become glass in an instance
(f)light catchers making the struggle seem easy
he encourages anarchy but discourages dissent
yet there is no story here
but for the one we expect from ourselves
& the one we extract from others
agamble he said baby said he said in the rumble
theeee rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr’ssss
there is no story in HEAR but to listen ‘n HEAR to hear
the breathing the rrrrrrrrrrrrrrr’sssssss he said baby said

the face wrung out
the hands & eyes intently listening
the dancer become piano
in the hollow of the crowded room
arage in the setsuns tesnusssssss
the expression on the long distant players
mid-motion gymnast limpid ringing ya hear
he said baby said he said ya hear he said he said
the cracked quiet expressions of survivors
the glass that sucks him in is sunset’s even/ing
cover his form like vampire night the last innings first beGUN
the evening sun so blinding bright in its waning alphabet
that bet that bet hesaidbaby said he said the red animal exit
he said the rrrrrrrrrrrrrr’sssssssssssahiss
it’s peekin in the the windowness of revering barge
a red that exists within the tangent of blue mid-tempo Blue night red
with/in the tradition blue blue he said babysaid blue we be BLUE he said BLUE.

(whitney museum 4/14/16)

One response to “tailored tanakacity”

  1. Carrie says:

    I read this piece on the train flying through the tunnels of the city and just loved the rhythms and the music of the piece. Brilliant!