the facts of fiction

Steve Dalachinksy
May 2017


the facts of fiction
(a rant based on 2 conversations with Jacques Ranciere –
4/15 & 4/17) NYU & Albertine Bookstore)

capitalism begets its own gravediggers > time outside capitalism > we must get rid of the discourses > the success of this with DEATH > inactivity subversion broken time in the arts the privilege of action Active Man one side inactive on other side the relationship between inactivity and subversion to sell a product what candidate you have to tell a story struggle on the side of inaction solid Hell of course in effect (uh cause & effect) solid time then main suffering in the age of reproduction (me – expanded time) interruption of time uses of time TIME is always changing understanding & action of movement affirmation against hierarchy of action inversion >  CINEMA becomes important in its ability to slow down time > action is standing still break in consensus breaking the normal way of dealing with time & space identity  coexistence moments of time penetrate each other add in for an item (dictation mistake should read = (AD INFINITUM) imaginary beings versus real  human actions poetry is an arrangement of actions ignorance connections shifts of knowledge modality forms of linkage poetic rationality temporality chronicle of facts poetry more philosophical how things could happen versa mail it to (verse similar to) verisimilitude > how literature intervenes frame of logic how things happen what causes  call me effect / courses the effect CAUSES – stupid dictation > text your unfolding posed in answer regards modern fiction Wolf truth of lies in life the fooling of Adams (atoms) causal linkage similar denies it realization from literature raffle? Rebel aids Red blaze no RABALAIS an unbearable existence of fact on their (?)  accountability political issue at stake genocide of the Jews negations genocide corrs (cause) in (&) effect rational versus trend > disagree > nihilism versus realism > anachronism narration variation & sweet times historical sum up through resolving literary questions  QUATIONS > anachronism & the conflict of time > proximity equivalents Real Facts invented facts more real horizontal axis temporal hierarchy fame prosperity good fortune to Miss fortune (misfortune) combine at risk of seeing chain of Coors in effect (cause & effect) Active men exile leisure passive man no can’t except in the immediate survival (end of) time of those who have time & have no time in time battles Aristotle-ian paradigm real facts too real to be rational modern themes repetition causal linkage causal laws contradictions social science reduction transformation of narrative & fiction in the present tense more than present prostitutes history as form of narration sinks poetics fictional rationality > ways of doing an era to death > the death of oral arts oral arts all arts right A – L – L… poetry wax busts of ancestors & pickles in their bedrooms or pickled in their bedrooms there’s statues of no one they knew in their bedrooms a form of survival before the chronology of history ancient gestures memory of in no immemorial WAX (sculptures) MaMorial WOMB resemblance installation affiliation historical montage unconscious contemporary symptom TIME TIME… not about chronology about identity not equipment analog off en bach Orpheus Tristan you really see Eurydice or rarely see Eurydice > class war social justice communism untimely possibility of impossibility (blows nose) this or that forms of light impropriety capacity form before & after – framework – anticipation & that & this > how much time do I have > ? <  I suddenly discover stains from last night’s Snickers bar all over my shirt/face empirical good concept bad concept dog Malik done (indecipherable > looks like teldle) thought as imitation of nature through cereal no no no not serial material material material & availability of relation of subject to his past > more general problem something complete/incomplete disjunctive conjunction of time entails precludes preludes crucial plot you need of one day no no no unit of one day that’s better Time shared the everyday in inverted on the inside Grade day Gray gray Grade day strata clouds subverted our no no unit of time an hour our an hour subjectively disposed disposal of words of the girls an emancipated specifically incidental non-incidental emotion passion impossible publicans Time Time Time sameness Time same time material we find crocs Time dispersive rocks no no no Rock no see are you X  (CRUX) spiritual Nexus Materials we find no no no read no refined right right refined conditions no escape ever for good re: coincidence three points Direct connection unique moment anticipation of the now supreme danger features the ALL > several times the same time anonymous agenda Smith course  legitimized by madness > science rational fiction nationality new forms  > simulti = one time democratic coexistence hijacked within temporal succession revolutionary ruptured totality form of LIFE > politicians partitions servitude into freedom internal connections folding unfolding Epoque of time shade of color that clashes with old painting the color shows itself as a global necessity & quality of life i.e. Christian in 16 century Paris… a minute a multi tip click K Chin of a workers’ insurrection multiplication text nothing happened normally never happens normally fall out of Adams (atoms) servants night suggests drama turd he drama turd G drama turkey no i’ll have to spell it out with 2 fingers  (damn dictation) DRAMATURGY > of temporality & exercise constructive of its time yet nothing happens >  reading read game the regime never asks for reparations never makes noise with the mouths though some really cool can only make noise with their mouth extraordinary so why translate an outdated text other than that it deals with the partition of time Time Time answer activism free this Brozel of night this disposal of night in the month of March marching in marching out dated as March never ends as an anachronism is indexing is indexing genealogical sorry for 20 minutes & Q & A begins > central point: many times & the same causal structure many at the same time causal structure he is the younger brain questioning what once was a younger brain in the stream of time how the physical time capitalism can work eternally contingent trap events within time: model: but what is structure? what is causality? causality no longer exists never existed structure no longer exists rational connection structural model forms of fiction & connection versa Dude architecture personal to do nononono VERSIMILITUDE he types wrongly > architecture poetics > stone falls on man equivalent who can demonstrate necessity (Science & Industry) they tell us of this is necessary demonstration to navigate between the ideas of possibility & physics < smokes his pencil like a little speed freak <><> emancipation anticipation issue lineage changing one’s manner of inhabiting time conclude without concluding chronicle cycles real people migratory convention/invention borders between the living & the dead ghosts in the hospital moratorium absolute invisibility – shouting in the streets everyone hiding in gardens & forests – migrant workers chaos of disconnected  memories conflict crosses several scenes before 1830 the clouds quietly layered we have a multiplicity of things connecting in recollecting creating a new form of coexistence is moderna T my dirty no no modernity started at the beginning of modernity each its own flight (i cool off no no i cough – my bladder is full) & quietly layered partial model i’m achieved modernity is not yet completed dreaming subject the future lies in the sleep of time grapple youtopia is about love move distortion loop distortion necessity truly is the mother of invention continuation versus interruption eat Turner (eternal) the blasted out when hope is lost the moment happens evident frame of non-causal abruptness the future & inscribed within artifacts mediation (peasant paysant ? Aragon) underworld all ages full civilizations objects everything mixed up in the same HOLE > clash Benjamin arcades bourgeoisie see conceived dreaming of incomplete fulfilling miss fulfillingness / or fulfilling the incomplete the antique men & women worn out out- dated open air markets & sheets of paper overlapping in postponing the moment of sleep vertical hierarchy – uncanny pious unusual boo Joo Bourgeois necessary to dream > conditions glory of ripe PICKLE > curiosity shops subverted > boredom suffering luxury & ultimately the luxury of suffering … & the factory lets out & what once was complete continual time is now BROKEN TIME…broken & disconnected                                 TIME.             time.       time.

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